imos iX is a 3D software base on CAD platform and generate to CAM machine files. This is really strong and useful for the furniture production industry which support the features of designing, production, online sales and medium partner connection,.. imos iX totaly conpatible almost popular machines such as  Homag, SCM, IMA,  Biesse,...

A successful factor is not ignored for your furniture business.

imos CAD/CAM

Flash and accurate design on common CAD platformAutomatically generate the configuration of materials, fittings in upgrade, transform to CAM file for CNC production

imos PLAN

Design the interior quickly and intuitively. Present the 3D experience of AR/VR .
Rendering the design in high quality and synchronize the furniture article from the library.

imos NET B2B

Design platform on internet for medium partners, shop sales and architects,.. No need the installation and flexible to work anywhere. There are almost futures of PLAN module.

imos NET B2C

Ecommerce website let the clients touch, adjust the dimension, material, fittings following their private demand. The orders will be transfered to the factory for production in short time.

EduBiz - Quản lý Trường học, TT Đào tạo

Woobiz -Total solution for furniture business

A total solutions includes business advances, production machines, software for design and production, ERP management system. 

EduBiz - Quản lý Trường học, TT Đào tạo

Retabiz - The solution for Retail business

The retail management system for supper markets, shops and ecommerce websites. There are many modules such as inventory, customer relationship management, shipping, connect to social network, online chatting.

Texbiz - textile industry and fashion business

Texbiz - Textile industry and fashion channel

This solution is designed for textile and fashion business. It includes all the modules of production, sales, shop channel, ..

Edubiz - the solution for education.

Hobiz - the solution for hotel business 

Manage the clients, retal rooms, shifts, staffs, restaurants, food and beverage. This is useful to build and expand a multi function business in hotel or restaurants.

Edubiz - the solution for education.

Edubiz - the solution for education.

Manage the students, teachers, subjects, courses, classes, online studying platform, dormitory, canteen,.. This system is suitable for high school, unversities, training or english centers.

Texbiz - textile industry and fashion business

Consbiz - the solution for the construction

Manage the projects, implement teams, partners, analyse the effective on the projects, material expenditures, purchase, machines and the progress.

All the feature modules is developed in indepence

Simple to intergrate, expand, or develop following specific requests from the enterprises.


POS - Point of sales

Fast installation, simple touching, multi compatible devices, easy to use with intuiive interface.


Introduce and sell product on the website, stock, follow client's interactive, online payment.

Onmi Channel

Multi selling channel such as Lazada, Ebay, Amazon, Booking, Agoda,  


Create quotation with signature, only payment, reports by staffs, areas, time.

DMS - Distribution Management System

Manage channels, stocks, order requests, shipping, optimize delivery circle.

CRM - Customer Relation Management

Track leads, close opportunities and get accurate forecasts.

Call Center

Manage calls by staffs, clients. Quản lý cuộc gọi ra vào theo nhân viên, khách hàng, internal extention, redirection, reports, automatic calling.

Mail Marketing

Set up email campaign simply, automatic marketing, manage plans, tools and budget.


Multi inventory, import/export by barcode, track stock for sales order instantly.


Decentralize, track budget by departments, positions, annual budget.

MRP -  Manufacture Resource Planning

Production plan by sales orders, compare stock and semi-finished products.

MES - Manufacture 
Executive System

Automatic production, intergrate devices, machines with control center, follow production information.

VAS - Accountant

Manage by local account system. Synchronize all datebase between sales, expense.

HR - Human resource

Manage employee, salary calculation,time sheet, KPI estimation,recruitement planning, training, promotion.

BI - Business intelligent

Analyse database of business result, finance, human, product, season, reports and alert

IoT - Internet of things

Connect, update database from production machines, printer, scanner, POS accessories, timekeeper,..

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